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6 Best Hard Tonneau Covers For Tundra CrewMax Trucks

The Toyota Tundra CrewMax is a powerful pickup truck that makes a great work truck. When you’re hauling around all of your supplies and other cargo, you want to be sure the cover protects everything.

Investing in a hard tonneau cover for a Tundra CrewMax ensures your truck bed stays locked and secure. They’re made of dark, sturdy materials like aluminum or fiberglass. You’ll have not only privacy for your truck bed but also waterproof coverage to protect items from damage.

There are a lot of truck bed covers on the market, but not all are right for your Toyota truck. Read on to learn about the six best hard tonneau covers for the Tundra CrewMax.

In a rush? Here’s a quick comparison of our top 3 picks for the Tundra CrewMax:

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Overall Top Pick
Rugged Liner E-Series
Rugged Liner E-Series
  • 3 fold hard panel design
  • Quick installation (comes pre-assembled)
  • Most affordable option
Best Retractable
Syneticusa Retractable
Syneticusa Retractable
  • Retract and lock in place at any point with latch or key
  • Super low profile sleek design
  • No drill installation
Best Premium Option
  • Four folding panel design
  • Gives 100% bed access
  • Durable aluminum panels with an automatic latching system

Best Hard Tonneau Covers For Tundra CrewMax

There are folding, rolling, and retractable hard tonneau covers for the Tundra CrewMax. All the covers on this list are high-quality options for your truck.

1. Rugged Liner E-Series Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Most affordable hard tonneau cover for Tundra CrewMax

Rugged Liner E-Series Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | EH-TUN6514 | Fits 2014 - 2021 Toyota Tundra (with or w/o utility track) 6' 7" Bed (78.7")

The Case for the Rugged Liner E-Series

Rugged Liner made their E-Series tonneau cover out of aluminum panels with double-sealed hinges. That ensures that your three panels will never get too loose and that water won’t find a way through the joints.

The cover is fully assembled with clamps already attached. That means once you put it in place and tighten the clamps, you’re good to go.

Many folding covers have prop rods so you can lift the entire cover off of the truck bed. Unfortunately, the Rugged Liner E-Series cover doesn’t have that option. The final third of the cover doesn’t lift.


  • Easy on and off
  • Resilient panels
  • 3-year warranty

✔️ Pros

  • Quick installation because it’s already assembled with clamps
  • Double-sealed hinges prevent water from getting into the truck bed
  • Most affordable option on the list


  • The final third of the cover doesn’t open

2. Syneticusa Aluminum Retractable Tonneau Cover

Most affordable retractable hard tonneau cover for Tundra CrewMax

Syneticusa Retractable Tonneau Cover Fits 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra 5'6" (66.7”) Bed Matte Black Aluminum Low Profile Waterproof

The Case for the Syneticusa

Retractable tonneau covers are usually among the most expensive. Surprisingly, this offering from Syneticusa is a great buy! It’s cheaper than some folding options on the list, so if a retractable cover appeals to you, this one has it all as the best hard tonneau cover for your Tundra CrewMax.

Thin aluminum slats create a flexible, matte back cover. There are several spots along the truck bed where you can lock the cover into place. When it’s retracted, the cover rolls into a compact storage canister.

The aluminum slats fit together tightly, so this cover is as waterproof as any folding option. While it’s easy to install, you will have to drill holes in the truck for the drainage tubes. 


  • Low-profile patented design; Waterproof
  • Easy to install and durable
  • UV and scratch protection

✔️ Pros

  • A low-profile cover sits flush with your truck bed’s edges
  • Very affordable retractable tonneau cover
  • Includes keys that work on two locks on the cover


  • If the slats don’t line up correctly, the cover won’t retract as it should

3. BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Most sturdy hard tonneau cover for Tundra CrewMax

BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 226409 | Fits 2007 - 2021 Toyota Tundra 5' 7" Bed (66.7")

The Case for the BAK BAKFlip G2

BAK is a brand you’ll find on every list of tonneau covers. It’s a solid brand that offers a high-quality product backed by a three-year warranty. It comes with weather stripping to protect your cargo from the rain.

This tonneau cover has four folding panels made of sturdy aluminum. After folding back the cover, you can prop it up with the included rods instead of leaning it against your cab. 


  • Enhanced functionality
  • Easy to install
  • Enhanced security

✔️ Pros

  • Can withstand 300 pounds of weight on the cover
  • It comes with dual drain tubes
  • Includes a three-year warranty


  • Isn’t as waterproof as the company promises

4. Extang Solid Fold Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Most straightforward setup hard tonneau cover for Tundra CrewMax

extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 83461 | Fits 2015 - 2021 Toyota Tundra w/rail system 5' 7" Bed (66.7")

The Case for the Extang

Most brands make their hard tonneau covers from aluminum. Standing apart from the crowd, Extang uses automotive-grade polymer panels. They’re lightweight but sturdy and dent-resistant. It also keeps water out of your truck bed, whether it’s from the rain or taking the truck through a car wash.

The cover comes completely assembled, so you just clamp it into place. The installation is simple and if anything goes wrong, know that Extang’s three-year warranty backs you.


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Dent and scratch resistant
  • Ultra-tough panels

✔️ Pros

  • Constructed from automotive-grade polymer
  • Backed by a three-year warranty
  • Only uses clamps to attach to the truck bed


  • Reviewers claim it’s not as durable as promised, and dents affect its water-resistance

5. UnderCover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Most luxurious hard tonneau cover for Tundra CrewMax

UnderCover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | UX42008 | Fits 2007 - 2021 Toyota Tundra w/ rail system 5' 7" Bed (66.7")

The Case for the UnderCover

If you’re looking for the best hard tonneau cover for Tundra CrewMax that offers a little more luxury than a baseline model, UnderCover has what you need. Their cover has carpeting on the undersides so that nothing will scratch your cargo.

Another nice touch is the integrated LED rail lighting. This is an accessory you can buy on your own and add to any tonneau cover, but it’s nice that it comes included with this option. Finally, it has prop rods so you can lift the entire cover and access anything in your truck bed.


  • Integrated LED bed rail light for added visibility
  • Stylish matte finish
  • 5-yearwarranty

✔️ Pros

  • Carpeting on the underside protects your cargo.
  • Includes an integrated LED rail lighting to illuminate the truck bed
  • Prop rods lift the entire cover so you can access everything


  • The hardware that comes with the cover is low quality

6. BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Overall best hard tonneau cover for Tundra CrewMax

BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 39409T | Fits 2007 - 2021 Toyota Tundra w/ OE track system 5' 7" Bed (66.7")

The Case for the BAK Revolver X2

Yes, there’s another BAK cover on the list. If you liked the BAKFlip G2 but wanted something more luxurious, the Revolver X2 is for you. The cover rolls up quickly, so you don’t have to fold it back. You can buckle the rolled cover into place and drive with it open.

The durable aluminum slats are as strong as any folding option. They can withstand 400 pounds of weight. That means you can carry extra cargo on top of the cover.

✔️ Pros

  • Flush-mount doesn’t impact the sleek lines of your Tundra CrewMax
  • It comes with a three-year warranty
  • Can hold 400 pounds of weight on top


  • Most expensive cover on the list

Tips For Choosing the Best Hard Tonneau Cover For Tundra CrewMax

A Black Toyota Tundra on isolated white background
(photo: whitecity / 123RF)

Now you know many different brands that manufacture hard tonneau covers for Tundra CrewMax trucks. Whenever you shop for truck bed covers, make sure you keep these considerations in mind to find the right option.


As you can see from the list above, there are many different types of tonneau covers on the market. Hard tonneau covers are the best option because of the security they provide. A softcover is better than nothing at all for the privacy it gives you. They’re also effective at keeping water off of your cargo.

But if you want to rest easy and know that your truck bed is secure, you can’t go wrong with a hard tonneau cover. Most manufacturers use fiberglass or aluminum to make a sturdy cover. These materials provide protection against both thieves and weather.

Once you’ve settled on a hard tonneau cover, you have to pick the type of retraction you need. Most covers fold back in three or four segments. This allows you to open the truck bed partially to access things or fold it back for easy loading and unloading.

Some manufacturers use slender aluminum strips that allow the cover to roll up. This is nice if you usually have your truck bed completely opened or completely closed. The roll tucks out of the way, so you have total access to your cargo.

The most expensive type of hard tonneau cover is any model with automated retraction. They’re more cumbersome to install. However, if you’re constantly opening and closing your cargo area, you might prefer the convenience of electric retraction compared to manual.


Soft covers give you some privacy, but they don’t lock into place like hardcovers do. Since they’re made of vinyl, they protect your cargo from rain and prying eyes, but not much else. They’re easy to lift or cut through, so you don’t want to store valuables in your truck with a softcover.

An impenetrable hard tonneau cover locks into place to provide extreme security. It comes with a separate key, so you know you’re the only one with access to your truck bed. You can keep it folded down for privacy and rain coverage even when the tailgate is open to provide access to your cargo.


Listings for hard tonneau covers usually specify what truck they’re made for. All of the covers on this list are compatible with Toyota Tundra CrewMax trucks. Still, you want to double-check your measurements before investing in a cover.

Get into your truck bed and measure everything. Check these dimensions against those given in the item description. You can always find more information in customer reviews. Many people provide details about their vehicles and how this particular cover fits onto the truck bed.


Rear view of a Black Toyota Tundra
(photo: whitecity / 123RF)

You didn’t buy a Tundra CrewMax to mess up the overall look with a truck bed cover. Bulky toppers change the entire look of your pickup, so you want to buy something that goes with your aesthetics.

Hard tonneau covers are low-profile options that are hardly noticeable on your truck. Most are flush-mount and dark enough that you won’t even notice it unless you’re looking for it. Even when you have the truck bed open, the cover folds up enough to keep your truck looking powerful, not weighed down.


It’s essential to buy a tonneau cover that fits into your budget. While custom truck bed covers look fantastic, they cost a lot of money. Instead of spending that much on a single cover, buy a practical hard tonneau cover. Save the rest of your money for your truck’s upkeep and other accessories.

You can get a high-quality folding hard tonneau cover without blowing your savings. These covers look nice and protect your cargo, so you can’t go wrong.


You now have a list of some of the best hard tonneau covers for Tundra CrewMax trucks. You also know what features to look for before you make a purchase. In case you still have questions, these simple answers will give you all the information you need.

How Do You Measure the Truck Bed For a Tonneau Cover? 

Lower your truck’s tailgate and stand at the end of it. Stretch the measuring tape down the bed until it touches the back wall of the cab. Stop at the gap where the tailgate hinges are because the cover will only reach this spot.

You can also do this without lowering your tailgate if you can easily reach over the sides of the truck bed. Stretch the measuring tape to the back of the cab and read the measurement at the inside edge of the tailgate when it’s closed.

Make sure you measure the inside dimensions of your truck bed. Trying to measure the bed from the outside will throw you off by a few inches. Even if you get the exact measurement, you might find the online listings have rounded up or down by an inch.

If you know your truck’s make, model, and year, you can search the manufacturer’s website for specific measurements. 

How Much Is a Tonneau Cover? 

Soft tonneau covers are the cheapest option because they’re made of vinyl. You can find them starting at $100 and going up to $500 or more. These are decent covers for privacy, but they don’t offer much in terms of security. If you’re willing to spend a few hundred on a softcover, save your money until you can invest in a hard tonneau cover.

Most hard tonneau covers cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand. It depends on if you’re getting a folding, rolling, or retracting model. Because they’re made of aluminum or fiberglass, these options cost more. It’s worth the price when you consider the level of protection you get.

Do Tonneau Covers Make Noise? 

If properly installed, a tonneau cover won’t make noise when you’re driving. It fits so securely that you won’t even notice it’s there when you’re driving. It locks into place when it’s down, and even if you drive with it folded up, it’s sturdy enough to stay folded back without obscuring your vision.

Sometimes you might hear a soft tonneau cover flapping in the wind while you drive. This happens because they don’t fit as firmly into place as a hardcover, and the wind might get into a crack. You can pull over and tighten the vinyl to prevent this noise before you continue driving.

Do Tonneau Covers Keep Water Out?

Yes, all tonneau covers are pretty effective at keeping water out of your truck bed. Most options come with weather sealing to prevent leaks. The cover itself stretches across your entire cargo area, so water has no way inside.

You can even go through a carwash with a tonneau cover on your truck, as the cover will keep water from getting into the bed. Be aware that car washes using brushes could damage the finish on your hard tonneau cover and possibly rip soft covers. It’s better to use a touchless or manual car wash to protect your investment.


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You want to buy the best hard tonneau cover for Tundra CrewMax, and this list gives you plenty of solid options. They’re tried and true and will keep your cargo safe, secure, and free from weather damage. They look sleek and won’t mess up the smooth lines of your pickup truck. 

Don’t wait until someone steals your cargo or it’s ruined by rain—invest in one of our suggested best hard tonneau covers for your Tundra CrewMax now.

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